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Jose Altuve injures himself in awkward fall during Astros scrimmage

Jose Altuve might have injured himself via an awkward fall.

Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve illustrates perfectly how things can change over the course of a few months. Altuve went from being hailed as the clutch leader of the American League champions following his ALCS-winning home run to a national pariah due to his involvement in Houston’s sign-stealing scandal.

He might need to wait a little longer before he returns to the diamond and starts mashing home runs again due to a freak accident during a scrimmage. During a scrimmage against the Kansas City Royals on Tuesday, Altuve stumbled after crossing home plate, landing directly on his chest.

The Astros better hope Jose Altuve didn’t sustain a major injury.

In 124 games last season, Altuve crushed a career-high 31 home runs while driving in 74 runs. He led the Astros to the World Series, but they fell to the Washington Nationals in seven games. Even in a weak AL West that, at this point, lacks an opponent worthy of locking horns with a fully-loaded Houston team, the Astros without Altuve are by no means a lock to take home the division crown.

Per Chandler Rome, Altuve was a bit dazed after getting up, and he walked off the field slowly. Astros fans have to be biting their nails after watching their marquee player land square on his sternum. If Altuve has to miss any number of games as a result of this injury, look for Aledmys Diaz or Abraham Toro to eat up most of the innings at second base while Altuve nurses himself back to health.

Injuries are never a pretty sight to see, especially when they hamper one of the game’s biggest stars. Hopefully, Altuve’s injury was something minor, like him knocking the wind out of himself, rather than something serious that could derail Houston’s season.

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