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Mets place Jed Lowrie on IL once again with yet another leg injury

Mets infielder Jed Lowrie is hurt…again.

The only three things that are certain in life are death, taxes, and the New York Mets‘ Jed Lowrie ending up on the IL due to a mysterious injury.

The Mets have once again placed their fragile infielder on the injured list with a left knee injury, per Joel Sherman. After Lowrie injured the same leg that gave him problems in 2019, this all but confirms that he will not be healthy for Opening Day. This comes just days after Luis Rojas called Lowrie a “full go.”

The New York Mets have to be incredibly frustrated with Jed Lowrie.

Lowrie was signed after making an All-Star team with the Oakland Athletics in 2018. After setting new career-highs in home runs with 23 and RBIs with 99, Lowrie appeared to be a quality veteran infielder for a promising Mets team in 2019.

Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law decimated the Mets in 2019, and Lowrie was limited to just seven at-bats near the end of the year in which he failed to record a hit. In that time, he didn’t record a single inning in the field, as he was limited to pinch-hitting. Not exactly a ton of value for a guy who signed a $20 million contract in 2019.

What is frustrating about Lowrie in the eyes of Mets fans is the lack of clarity regarding his injuries. As soon as he is about to be granted a clean bill of health, another strange injury, or the same injury following a misdiagnosis, pops up once again and cripples Lowrie. No one has to be more gutted after hearing this news than Lowrie himself, who as an All-Star the last time he was healthy.

Lowrie was an All-Star just two years ago, but there is a chance that the 36-year-old never suits up in the MLB again. If so, it would be an unfortunate way for the career of such a consistent player to end.

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