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This fanmade Buffalo Blue Jays logo is pretty cool

This fanmade Buffalo Blue Jays logo is pretty cool.

Just this week it was announced that the Toronto Blue Jays were not going to be permitted to play games in their stadium due to the Canadian government ruling it was unsafe for the players to travel back and forth to the United States. We can’t really blame them either.

So with no Toronto games, it left the team scrambling for a location.

One of the locations many fans had hoped for was Buffalo, NY which is a short distance from their home. Due to that excitement, some fans have created new logos for the team, if they plan for a Buffalo arrival.

This fan’s design is actually pretty darn cool too.

Where would the Blue Jays play in Buffalo?

If they do end up in Buffalo it would be at Triple-A Buffalo’s Sahlen Field, and while that does seem like a great solution, the Blue Jays GM would much rather play at a proper MLB park and share with another team.

“All things being equal, we would much rather be in a major-league facility. We just have to weigh that with what that means in the world of a pandemic,” Ross Atkins said on a Zoom call (h/t TSN). “With social distancing, sharing a facility, making sure that we’re being safe as an organization and in no way compromising another organization, those are the things that need to be worked through.”

Wherever they land, we’re just glad there is baseball!

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