Colorado Rockies, Texas Rangers

Rockies troll Rangers over their new stadium

The Colorado Rockies had fun taking a jab at the Texas Rangers’ new ballpark.

The Texas Rangers expected the baseball world’s collective jaws to hit the floor when Globe Life Field was unveiled, but the new ballpark quickly became a mockery, as the uninspired design and drab gray exterior looked more like an aircraft hanger or a grill than the innovative new stadium many expected. The Colorado Rockies, set to play a scrimmage against Texas on Tuesday night, managed to make their thoughts known in hilarious fashion.

Nolan Arenado’s Rockies were the latest team to make fun of the new ballpark, claiming that it looks more like a chicken coop than an MLB stadium.

The Colorado Rockies got a major dig in at Globe Life Field.

They’re … not wrong? For all of the new bells and whistles that the new indoor park has, the fact that the outside looks like a grain silo, due in part to the decision to use gray paneling over the glassy exterior taxpayers were promised, will never really escape this place.

The Rockies, to their credit, did stop with the snark for a brief second and complimented the new amenities this ballpark has, including a new scoreboard, improved facilities for both the home and visiting teams, and air conditioning, which is without a doubt the best feature of this new park.

The new stadium is certainly an improvement when compared to the prospect of playing games outside in the triple-digit Arlington summer heat, but that doesn’t erase the fact that several weird design choices were made in the creation of this stadium.

New addition Corey Kluber and the Rangers could make some noise in a weak AL West, but the place they have to win most of those games in is a bit of an eyesore from the outside.

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