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Freddie Freeman turned in our first Web Gem of the season

Freddie Freeman made an outstanding defensive play to start the year.

The fact Freddie Freeman is playing for the Atlanta Braves on Opening Day is something special. The four-time All-Star dealt with a terrible case of COVID-19 and his fever reportedly got as high as 104.5 degrees.

He was somehow able to make a quick return and is in the lineup and at first base Friday afternoon as the Braves take on the New York Mets. It didn’t take long for Freeman to provide MLB fans with a Web Gem to start the year.

Freddie Freeman with the amazing play

Freeman made a great snag at first base and had the quick thinking to dive toward the bag to turn the double play. Not a bad way for the Braves to record their first outs on defense this season.

The veteran is primarily known for his performance at the plate, but he did take home a Gold Glove Award in 2018. Plays like this will help his chances in a shortened season where a few great highlights can lead to an award as long as the errors are kept to a minimum as well.

Freeman only committed six errors in 2019 and was a part of 128 double plays in 158 games. His first Web Gem of the year also shows how much of a natural he is after already facing a long layoff and then coming down with COVID-19. He said he was fine and was activated and now he is turning in filthy double plays.

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Going from having an unimaginable fever to playing Opening Day is quite the July for Freeman. It is great to see him healthy in general. The benefits he continues to provide the Braves shows why he is so highly regarded within the organization.

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