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You need to see this Braves/Falcons jersey crossover concept (Photo)

The Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Falcons swap jerseys and it’s fantastic.

If the Atlanta Braves swapped jerseys with the Atlanta Falcons, this is what it would look like.

It’s MLB Opening Day for the Braves, as they take on the arch rival New York Mets up in Queens. Atlanta is a sexy pick to win the NL Pennant this year, but the Braves haven’t advanced in an MLB postseason round since way back in 2001. Even in a 60-game season and one that will feature eight postseason teams in both leagues, it’s all the more reason for the Braves to get it done.

While you wait for first pitch later this afternoon up at Citi, you have to check out this crossover jersey concept between the Braves and the Falcons. We’ve seen what the Falcons’ crossover concept looked like with the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks a few weeks ago, shortly before the Hawks dropped the much-maligned triangle jerseys in favor of something cleaner. Check this one out.

Don’t tell me you wouldn’t buy these swapped Braves and Falcons jerseys.

You can see Falcons’ future first-ballot Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver Julio Jones rocking the popular navy threads of the Braves. While some people outside of Atlanta might cringe looking at the tomahawk, nobody has ever questioned the Braves’ incredible color scheme of red, white and blue. It looks better than whatever the New England Patriots are wearing these days.

As for the other jersey, Braves outfield Ronald Acuna Jr. is wearing the Falcons’ red, black and white visiting jerseys. It gives off those late 1970s Chicago White Sox vibes, but it actually looks better than the Falcons’ road jerseys do anyway. This is because we’re used to seeing all-white threads representing the home team at big league games. Again, this is an incredible look.

While the Braves are expected to win big this year, the Falcons face stiff competition in the NFC South. They are seen as the third-best team in the division behind the New Orleans Saints and the revamped Tampa Bay Buccaneers in some order. However, a seventh playoff spot in the NFC gives Atlanta a great shot at qualifying for the postseason for the first time since 2017.

The Braves and Falcons swap jersey concepts and now you want to buy both jerseys if you could.

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