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Phillies have an extraordinary new hand sanitizer routine (Video)

Step aside Anthony Rizzo, the Phillies have their own sanitizing routine

The 2020 MLB season was completely overhauled, like everything else in the world, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, passing COVID-19 testing and following the league’s safety protocols are the only ways the campaign can finish this year. Players are also taking matters into their own hands…literally.

On Friday, we saw Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo offer hand sanitizer to opposing base runners. But on Saturday, Didi Gregorius of the Philadelphia Phillies showcased their own hand sanitizing ritual.

Sir Didi decrees that all must sanitize their hands

This fun exchange came after the Gregorius smashed a solo home run against Miami Marlins left-handed pitcher Caleb Smith. In fact, that was Gregorius’ second home run of the season, showing the Phillies that he was well worth the one-year flyer.

In terms of safety, “Sir Didi” is all about it. He’s one of a few players who wears a face mask at all times during this truncated season, due to a kidney condition that puts him at high risk of potentially contracting the coronavirus. While many detractors of masks have often complained about having difficulty breathing, Gregorius proves that isn’t a problem. He wears a mask for full nine-inning games! If he can do it, you can wear a mask in your local grocery store.

Sadly, we live in a time where some individuals frown upon others who are trying to keep themselves, their families and total strangers safe from the virus. Take notes from Rizzo and Gregorius, wash your hands on a frequent basis until an effective vaccine is produced.

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