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Dennis Eckersley took a ruthless shot at the Orioles on Opening Day

Dennis Eckersley trolled the Baltimore Orioles in the middle of their 11-run loss to the Red Sox

It hasn’t been easy of late to be a Baltimore Orioles fan. The team hasn’t been competitive in what feels like forever, and things were only made worse on Opening Day with a 13-2 loss to the Boston Red Sox on Friday night.

Red Sox great Dennis Eckersley, who now calls the team’s games for NESN, knows all too well about the AL East team’s struggles, and it’s gotten to the point where even he is starting to feel bad for the fans. Well, at least the broadcast team.

Dennis Eckersley is no stranger to the Red Sox-Orioles AL East rivalry

The Hall of Fame pitcher didn’t hold back and said it’d be a tough job to be an Orioles announcer. Can you fault him for that statement, though? Orioles fans had been waiting patiently for Opening Day to arrive, holding on to the little bit of hope they had the team would be able to turn things around this year and get back to the postseason.

Friday’s game turned out to be a total dud, with Boston dominating from the first pitch and leaving Fenway Park with a convincing 13-2 win. In the bottom of the fourth, Boston pushed its lead to 10-0. Had there been any Baltimore fans in the stands, they surely would have angrily finished their hot dog and peanuts and made their way toward the exit. It was unfortunately that kind of night for the Orioles.

Baltimore will look to get back on track this weekend and steal a game from the Red Sox. If they fail to do so, you can expect Eckersley to quickly troll the team once again. We want to say better days are on the way, Orioles fans, but this team hasn’t done much to instill confidence in that thought.

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