Brewers pitcher has an outlook on season that fans won’t want to hear

Josh Lindblom wants everyone kept safe and healthy.

The MLB season has already ground to a semi-halt after just three games, as the Miami Marlins played a game against the Philadelphia Phillies despite an outbreak of COVID-19 cases at the club jeopardizing the health of anyone who plays either of those two teams.

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh Lindblom, like many who understand the severity of this virus and the pandemic as a whole, thinks that this could be the event that kick-starts the 2020 season’s cancellation, saying that “somebody might have to make a hard decision.”

Josh Lindblom cares more about the health of his fellow players than individual performance.

Lindblom, in a cruel twist of fate, left the KBO, which is rolling merrily along with their season, for the MLB after three dominant seasons in Korea. While he pitched to a 4.10 ERA in 114 MLB games before heading oversees, many expected him to be a key part of the Milwaukee pitching staff after rediscovering himself across the Pacific.

Lindblom wasn’t espousing doom and gloom throughout his interview, though he did concede that even adhering to all the COVID-19 protocols will not totally eliminate the chance of infection. Lindblom added that he does feel safe due to Milwaukee’s medical staff reminding players and coaches to adhere to all the proper protocols.

The MLB choosing to travel across the country rather than creating either six division-sized bubbles or one huge one bubble has led to an outbreak after three games that has already resulted in the cancellation of games. Safe to say that’s not an ideal situation.

These players are not just products that play games solely for our entertainment. They’re human beings with families to worry about. Given the Marlins news, and sentiments like Lindblom’s that are assuredly shared by dozens across the league, don’t be surprised if more players choose to sit 2020 out in the name of staying healthy if the league doesn’t suspend play.

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