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White Sox fan pays for 100 cutouts of himself behind visitor’s dugout

One White Sox fan was really keen on making sure he was at the games this season – or at least that cardboard versions of himself were.

The baseball season finally got underway on Thursday night after a four-month delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because fans aren’t allowed in the stands, for the time being, Major League Baseball has come up with a way to keep fans involved and feel like they’re at the game, even though the pandemic has made it impossible for that to actually happen.

What some teams are doing is allowing fans to submit cardboard cutouts of themselves to be placed in the stands. In some cases, if a ball hits your cardboard cutout, you get the ball, which is something fun to add to it.

One White Sox fan REALLY wants to make sure he gets the full experience of the shortened season this year.

Chuck Garfien tweeted a video of White Sox super fan Paul Garrett who bought 100 cardboard cutouts of himself to be placed behind the visitor’s dugout. This is a lot of dedication and quite comical. This couldn’t have come cheap, however, as the White Sox has the prices listed for $49 per cutout, meaning this cost Paul $4,900. That’s a lot of dough for some laughs.

The good news is that this was a fundraiser as noted in the Chicago Tribune and appeared to have sold out quickly when it was first announced.

It would have been funnier if Paul had used 100 different images of him rather than the same one, which appears to be of him cupping one of his hands and yelling. Or maybe he could have used slightly different photos of him for each cutout.

No one can doubt this White Sox’s fan’s loyalty to his team and now the opposing team in the dugout will have 100 shouting Paul Garretts whenever they exit the dugout to take the field.

Regardless, it’s nice to have something to laugh about during these tough times. It’s cool to see MLB teams doing this and while it’s a bit odd to see a bunch of cardboard cutouts staring at us while watching the game on TV, it’s entertaining.

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