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Joe Kelly absolutely owns the internet after crazy inning with Alex Bregman

Joe Kelly absolutely owns the internet after crazy inning with Alex Bregman.

Is it too early to crown an MVP? Because we’ve got a front-runner in Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, Joe Kelly.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, Kelly took one for the team he wasn’t even a part of in 2017 and absolutely beamed Houston Astros’ Alex Bregman and then taunted him after the inning was over.

So effing gangster.

The whole scene cleared both benches, bring the World Series cheating tension to the high we’d all been hoping to see and then Twitter did what it does best … unloads.

Dodgers fans were super happy

Astros fans … not so much

Sorry, not sorry Houston.

Kelly might have been the most unlikely hero for the Dodgers but he’s ours and we’re keeping him!

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Many MLB fans were paying close attention to the Houston Astros vs. Los Angeles Dodgers game on Tuesday night due to the rivalry stemming from the 2107 World Series. That year the Astros secured their first-ever title by defeating the Dodgers, who were the favorites to win. But two years later that all came crashing down when the team was caught stealing signs through the 2017-2019 seasons.

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