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Mike Clevinger roasts Trevor Bauer in epic Twitter battle

Trevor Bauer and Mike Clevinger are getting into it on Twitter.

Trevor Bauer, traded from the Cleveland Indians to the Cincinnati Reds late in the 2019 season, will start against his old team this Wednesday, with Terry Francona countering Bauer by handing the ball to young starter Mike Clevinger.

Bauer stoked the fire ahead of his first matchup against Clevinger on Twitter, billing this game as a classic “master vs protegee” matchup.

Mike Clevinger didn’t take too kindly to Trevor Bauer’s jab.

Clevinger wasn’t feeling as jovial as Bauer was, as he decided to take Bauer to task over his high 4.00 career ERA, his infamous meltdown in what turned out to be his final Cleveland start, and injuring his finger during a playoff run.

Bauer might have had an All-Star season in 2018 that involved him throwing up a 2.21 ERA, but that was the only season in his career in which his ERA was below 4.10 in a full season. While he did give up just two hits in 6.1 innings during his first start of the season, he will have some work to do when it comes to re-establishing himself as one of the game’s best starters.

Clevinger, meanwhile, continued to establish himself as one of baseball’s best young right-handers, posting a 2.71 ERA in 21 starts in 2019. Even with Clevinger’s injury history, Cleveland chose him over Bauer, and the Cincinnati starter it looking to make them pay.

Bauer seemed to be taking a more playful angle, while Clevinger, who himself got 2020 off to a strong start on the mound, went straight for the jugular after listing off all of his shortcomings. It’s safe to assume that things won’t be cordial in an already hot rivalry between the two teams who call Ohio home.

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