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Cardinals president upset at pundits theorizing why team had COVID-19 outbreak

St. Louis Cardinals president John Mozeliak isn’t happy with the media

The Cardinals are just the latest MLB team to deal with a COVID-19 outbreak, and unfortunately that means all kinds of guesses as to how players contracted the virus in the first place. This is the case, of course, because of rumors that the Miami Marlins went out in Atlanta on a road trip, leading to a team-wide outbreak.

Former MLB’er Jerry Hairston claimed he had heard that the Cardinals went to a casino, leading to St. Louis’ untimely demise at the hands of the coronavirus. Mozeliak didn’t necessarily deny those rumors, but instead deflected blame onto those breaking said news instead.

Mozeliak thinks it’s impossible to determine exactly where such an outbreak started with the Cardinals

“First off, I find it incredible how people are looking to find this answer as if to create this blame game,” Mozeliak said. “I find that rather sickening and annoying. We’re in a pandemic. The likelihood of where someone got this could be anywhere from a grocery store to a bar and anywhere in between.”

The plus side, per Mozeliak, is that the team hasn’t spent any time together since Wednesday, meaning they might have contained such a spread to the initial exposure. Rather than play a guessing game, the entire team has been re-tested, which will determine just how severe the outbreak is.

“We feel like we have a fairly good understanding of how isolated this is and an understanding of where this has evolved to. We’re very optimistic we can get back on the field,” Mozeliak assured reporters.

For now, the Cardinals weekend series against the Brewers has been cancelled, with an upcoming tilt against the Detroit Tigers to come.

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