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Baltimore sports inspiration Mo Gaba passes away after battle with cancer

Mo Gaba has passed away at the age of 14.

Nearly every sports team has someone, or a group of people, who can be considered a “superfan.” But then there are those who break that barrier and serve as inspirations to not only other fans, but to the professional athletes themselves.

Mo Gaba was that individual in the city of Baltimore. The young man burst onto the Baltimore scene as a superfan of the Ravens and the Orioles. But it was his positivity in the face of battles with cancer that made him an inspiration. Sadly, the young man has passed away at the age of 14.

Mo Gaba remembered in Baltimore

This is awful and terribly sad news. Gaba appeared in the national spotlight during the 2019 NFL Draft by reading a pick in Braille and the Ravens were quick to share tributes to the young man with the amazing laugh.

That video is tough to watch, but it is also a source of positive memories amidst the tragedy. It is easy for those outside of Baltimore to see why Gaba was everyone’s favorite fan.

He also made history by joining the Orioles Hall of Fame as he was a loyal supporter of the ballclub. Another tribute video was in order.

There are countless lessons to learn after reading about Gaba and seeing him go about his day in those video clips. He gave off pure positivity and joy even with all the hardships he was facing. Some of these lessons about living life to the fullest may come off as cliche, but they remain true.

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Gaba was a true inspiration and it is awful to have to write about his passing. Our thoughts go out to his family during this impossible time.

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