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White Sox player thinks Luis Robert is the AL MVP

Luis Robert’s hot start has earned him some respect from at least one of his teammates.

The Chicago White Sox were believed to be a sneaky postseason pick considering the 60-game season and the expanded playoffs for 2020. A 7-4 start has backed up those beliefs, with no one more important to it than Luis Robert.

At 23 years old, Robert is making his debut in the majors this season and has been impressive to say the least: 17 hits for a .378 batting average with two home runs and six RBIs through 12 games. Robert has also walked five times and stolen four bases as an all-around offensive talent.

His numbers have been sensational, not just the best on the White Sox, but to relief pitcher Evan Marshall, the best in the league. Speaking about Robert, Marshall said, “Luis Robert is probably the MVP in the AL right now.”

Luis Robert’s early success stands out for his age more than anything.

Robert has been nothing short of amazing, but in terms of AL MVP, not quite there. That is largely because Aaron Judge exists. His seven home runs through 10 games is one of the most impressive feats in recent baseball memory. Others in the AL have been equally as impressive, with JaCoby Jones and Michael Brantley both filling the scoresheets themselves, the former with three home runs and the latter a .438 BA.

None of that is to take away from Robert’s accomplishment, though. It’s very rare to see a young player make such a fast start to his professional career. He was playing baseball in Cuba well before coming to America, giving him a leg up above most. Now the question becomes if he can sustain this success, both on the year and for the entirety of his career.

Considering his impressive track record, it shouldn’t be a surprise Robert has been sensational in the majors. It may be a bit too early to be calling him the MVP, but in a few years time, expect his name to be a recurring one in that conversation.

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