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Indians help Trevor Bauer relive worst MLB moment in return to Cleveland (Video)

The Cleveland Indians will never let Trevor Bauer lives this moment down.

Trevor Bauer was a great pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, but man, did he have a cannon?

Bauer was traded to the in-state rival Cincinnati Reds at the MLB trade deadline last July. He is a big reason why many people believe the Reds are a force to be reckoned with in the NL Central, even in a 60-game, coronavirus-shortened season. Though he plays for a rival in the southern part of the state, Cleveland knows where he comes from and thus, highlighted his defining moment.

Cleveland’s heart will go on, now experiencing a full-blown Bauer outage.

Whether it’s rampant drone usage, letting it rip like he’s Ozzie Guillen or something or throwing a baseball better than Baker Mayfield does a football, Cleveland has no choice but to let its heart go on. Baseball has never been the same since that poor baseball went over the fence without connecting with a bat. It was about as awkward as the end of the movie Titanic. Poor Jack…

Whatever. Bauer goes from the team with the longest active World Series title drought to a team that gave us the Big Red Machine. If Bauer is looking for a name for his next drone, well, there you go. How will that thing fare on Battle Bots? We have no earthly idea, but it’ll fare better than that baseball did in that Kansas City Royals game from many moons ago.

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As long as when Bauer takes the mound for the rest of time against Cleveland, Progressive Field must blast Celine Dion’s greatest hit as often as we’re watching re-runs of the 1997 Academy Awards. You know someone in your extended family has a copy of that unforgettable night in cinema on VHS somewhere. Just promise not to cry while watching it because I can’t help you.

If this isn’t Bauer’s new song at Progressive Field, then Cleveland isn’t being progressive enough.

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