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Karma just keeps coming for the Houston Astros

Karma is taking its toll on the Astros this season after their scandal. 

In November of 2019, a massive bombshell report was released detailing the infamous Houston Astros sign stealing scandal. Since then, the scandal has been all the rage in the MLB and many were calling for harsh punishments to be brought down on Houston, and even more were railing against the league later on when they handed down a soft punishment. 

Now as the Astros are going through the 2020 season, many are rooting for them to fail as a sign of karma coming back to bite them after cheating their way to a World Series championship and two American League titles.

They have certainly underperformed on the diamond with the squad sitting at 6-6 and coming off two losses in a row to the Arizona Diamondbacks. But Houston has also received bad karma off the field.

The Astros had to cut ties with a national anthem singer

On Thursday night, the Astros announced that they were severing ties with one of their national anthem singers who was accused of sexually assaulting a minor.

That’s definitely not the type of publicity the team wants as it tries to rebuild its totally destroyed image in the aftermath of the sign stealing scandal.

What makes the situation worse for the Astros is that this singer, Manuel Gamboa, was charged in 2018, but the organization is now just discovering this, along with realizing that they had a recording of him singing the national anthem being kept at their ballpark.

The Astros announced that Gamboa’s recording will be deleted and not used in any future games, and that he will no longer be welcome at the ballpark.

As if this wasn’t already bad enough, it comes as a fan is suing the team for $1 million for allegedly breaking her finger with a t-shirt that was shot out of a t-shirt gun. 

All of this falling on the Astros in the aftermath of their cheating scandal certainly shows that what goes around comes around, and the Astros seem to be receiving payback for cheating their way to success.

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