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Joc Pederson curses up a storm on hot mic during Dodgers-Giants (Video)

A hot mic caught Joc Pederson firing off multiple expletives in Friday’s Dodgers win over the Giants 

With no baseball fans in the stands for the 2020 campaign, one thing we’ve all been treated to is extra access to hearing what players are saying/doing on the field with way more ease. Hot mics have been incredibly consistent early on this season, with Joc Pederson being the latest victim to it.

In a 7-2 win over the Giants on Friday night, the left-handed slugger ended up looking a bit foolish during one of his at-bats, whiffing on a pitch for a not-so-glamorous strikeout. As he was making his way back to the dugout, everyone was able to hear Pederson lose his mind.

Folks, if you have children in the room with you while reading this article, we’d highly recommend taking them out before watching the clip below.

Tell us how you really feel, Mr. Pederson. He really didn’t hold back showcasing his frustrations, cursing up a storm in the middle of LA’s big win. Despite Pederson not having a great sequence at the plate, he can smile knowing the Dodgers are once again among the best teams in baseball.

The NL West powerhouse is off to a strong 10-4 start this season and looks poised to go on a deep postseason run. Fans have been dreaming of the organization getting back to the World Series and winning it this time around. So far, they’re more than on the right track for 2020.

Should they end up making a strong push to bring home the title, they’ll need all of their stars to get hot at the right time. This of course includes Pederson, who is hitting .258 and has three home runs.

Knowing Pederson, any struggles at the plate won’t last long for him. He’s just too good to be kept quiet at the dish.

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