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Rafael Montero makes Mike Trout look silly with a two-seamer that shouldn’t be legal

Rangers pitcher Rafael Montero made Mike Trout look silly with some amazing pitches. 

It’s not often anyone can make Mike Trout look silly up at the plate. The reigning AL MVP has got the Hall of Fame written all over him, as he’s become one of the best power hitters baseball fans have been able to enjoy over the years.

But, at the end of the day, Trout is human. If you needed a reminder of that, take a recent showdown between the Angels and Rangers for example. Trout was at the dish looking to go yard, but Texas hurler Rafael Montero sure had other ideas.

We’re not used to Mike Trout looking that human

That kind of movement for a pitch should be illegal. Straight up, that’s just some nasty stuff from Montero. As you can see in the video above, he nearly made Trout fall after he swung and missed at that first pitch highlighted. If Trout didn’t have such outstanding balance, he very well may have fallen right on his face.

On the second pitch, Trout didn’t have a prayer either, with more amazing movement being showcased by the Texas pitcher. If anything, this clip should motivate every team out there. They now know even Trout can look bad on any given night. At the same time, he can also make you pay if you serve him up the wrong pitch. We all know that’s for sure.

With Trout just having a child, the two will surely re-watch plenty of old clips down the road. He may want to turn off the TV if the one of Montero striking him out comes up. Stick to the homers, dad.

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