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Cardinals remain without a timetable after positive COVID-19 tests

The Cardinals are in a tough spot after more positive COVID-19 tests. 

The Miami Marlins were the first team to deal with an outbreak of COVID-19 during the 2020 MLB season. But that organization managed to get back onto the field and has played 10 total games as of Sunday night.

The St. Louis Cardinals were next. However, there has been no return to the field since July 29. The Cardinals are currently sitting with a record of 2-3 and just had a series from Monday through Wednesday against the Pittsburgh Pirates officially postponed.

That gives the team a full two weeks off and brings into question just when the Cardinals will get back on the field, if ever. Team President John Mozeliak is just hoping for any good news.

Cardinals facing a disaster

Positive news would mean everyone who contracted the virus is doing alright. Good news would mean the team could work toward a return to play.

Not playing in a bubble has allowed this situation to occur. This is not to blame those on the Cardinals who contracted the virus. Rather, it is a grim realization of just how easy COVID-19 can spread once one person has the virus.

Every other team in the league has played at least 10 games. Some are even up to 17. Then there is St. Louis with five. The team cannot play until Thursday at the earliest and there will come a point when there is just no way the team can get to 60 games. It will be a health risk and also unfair to opponents as well.

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The main concern here is that everyone who contracted the virus makes a full recovery. As for baseball, one solution is to allow the Cardinals to play fewer games and have their winning percentage determine playoff eligibility. That may seem odd, but it is just the way things will work during this weird 2020 season.

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