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Christian Yelich has no respect for scoreboards anymore

Christian Yelich wakes up and disrespects various outfield scoreboards.

Christian Yelich proved on Sunday that hitting scoreboards with batted balls is no fluke.

The superstar outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers unleashed the fury on this gargantuan blast with his team already up big late on the visiting Cincinnati Reds. Yelich got every piece of Joel Kuhnel’s offering in the bottom of the seventh inning at Miller Park on Sunday afternoon. It made massive dent on the scoreboard and a cacophonous blast throughout the empty stadium.

Christian Yelich has struck the fear of god in every scoreboard out there.

Back in late July when the 60-game, coronavirus-shortened MLB season was in its infancy, Yelich took at a batting practice fastball yard at Wrigley Field. While that ball didn’t land on a Wrigleyville rooftop or bounce off the Sheffield Avenue tarmac, it busted more than a handful of pixels on the right field scoreboard at the Friendly Confines. It was a blast that didn’t count you’ll never forget.

While he may have hit a rough patch early in this 60-game sprint, Yelich is making everybody who plays his Brewers look stupid. Just ask Chicago White Sox outfielder Eloy Jimenez how it went for him the other day. It was not great, just like Kuhnel’s meatball Yelich drove into the heart of the Miller Park scoreboard, a dagger to let all the Red Legs out there they’re going to lose.

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Well, guess what? Yelich has no time for losers because he is the champion of hitting scoreboards. He may have the physique of Pete Davidson, but he’s not the King of Staten Island. He’s the third-most important athlete in Wisconsin behind Aaron Rodgers and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Now, that’s a holy triumvirate you’d love to be part of, like beers, brats and cheese. It’s great stuff!

No scoreboard is safe when Yelich comes to bat, not even the hometown one at Miller Park.

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