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Jose Ramirez enjoying the Chicago rainwater is everything (Video)

The Chicago sky opened up and all the rain went into Jose Ramirez’s mouth.

Jose Ramirez doesn’t need a cup to enjoy some of Chicago’s finest rainwater.

On ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, Ramirez’s Cleveland Indians held a 5-4 lead in the bottom of the 10th inning vs. the Chicago White Sox. With a pair of runners on baseball for the South Siders, the sky opened up it and it was nothing but Big Gulps huh for one Ramirez at the hot corner. Lloyd Christmas would have been so proud of him. So too would have Mary Samsonite Swanson.

Were the Guaranteed Rate Field soft pretzels making Jose Ramirez thirsty?

George Costanza may have worked for the New York Yankees, sleeping under his desk like the true champion he is, but he would have appreciated Ramirez’s commitment to the act. Those pretzels did make George thirsty once. He also saved a whale by pulling a golf ball out of its blow hole because after all, in that moment, he was a marine biologist. Contanza peaked right then.

Ramirez might be a two-time American League All-Star and a two-time Silver Slugger award winner, but if this is what he’ll be best known for, this is certainly something to be proud of. This is something you would have seen in dad-pitch youth baseball. Some kid playing third base isn’t paying attention and is more concerned about filling his belly with some delicious sky water.

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So the next time someone tries to tell you baseball isn’t a kids’ game, show them this 10-second video and see what they think. This is why the older you get, the less and less you want to grow up. Responsibilities are the pits and sometimes all you want to do is drink all the rainwater cascading around you, and not bathwater like Kevin Durant because that’s just gross.

Ramirez has awoken the little kid still living inside of us and we thank him for that act of kindness.

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