Minnesota Twins, Pittsburgh Pirates

Pirates-Twins game delayed thanks to drone flying over Target Field

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…drone flying over Target Field!

The Minnesota Twins are handling the Pittsburgh Pirates in what’s become a theme for Bucs’ manager Derek Shelton in his first season in charge, but the main story from Tuesday’s drubbing is not the scoreline (though the Pittsburgh sports radio airwaves beg to differ), it’s a strange object floating in the sky that forced a delay.

Yes, it wouldn’t be 2020 without a drone delay in an MLB game, but unlike everything else to occur this year, nothing bad happened this time. Thankfully, the object was removed and the game continued, as scheduled, to break Pittsburgh baseball fans’ hearts. The Twins, meanwhile, continue to boast one of the most complete and powerful lineups in baseball, thanks to the never-aging Nelson Cruz.

Why would anyone fly a drone over an MLB game?

The main reason would be to get an in-person look at the game in a year where fans aren’t allowed to attend. We’re hoping, of course, that such a person had the best of intentions and just wanted to sneak a peak from the outfield seats, but considering MLB’s strict copyright laws, that was never going to work, and said fan is out hundreds of dollars as a result. Whoops.

Minnesota and Rocco Baldelli did not let this silly distraction get in the way of their shellacking of Pittsburgh, as they’re in just the second game of a four-game set. Minnesota won on a walk-off courtesy of the veteran Cruz on Monday night.

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