Watch as Brian Anderson hits first MLB home run at Sahlen Field (video)

Watch as Brian Anderson hits first MLB home run at Sahlen Field.

The first MLB game to be held in Buffalo since 1915 took place at Sahlen Field on Tuesday when the Toronto Blue Jays faced the Miami Marlins in their new COVID-era home away from home. Unfortunately for the Blue Jays, they weren’t the first team to score a run there. That honor belongs to Marlins’ Brian Anderson who hit the first home run in the stadium.

That marks Anderson’s third home run of the season.

Sahlen Field had massive improvements to make it MLB ready

The Blue Jays were forced to take up temporary residence in the Buffalo, NY area minor league stadium after the Canadian government disallowed the team from playing in Toronto due to not wanting to allow American baseball players and crew into the country.

The stadium reportedly had some improvements to get it up to MLB standards. They have installed extra fencing around the park in hopes of discouraging fans from trying to catch home run balls, though that doesn’t appear to have worked as you can see several people outside the ballpark. Apparently the improvements came with a $759,000 price tag.

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