Atlanta Braves, Toronto Blue Jays

Braves organist owns Blue Jays’ Reese McGuire for the rest of time (Video)

Give the Atlanta Braves organist a hand for trolling Reese McGuire so hard.

The Atlanta Braves organist and Toronto Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire both use their hands.

They are humans with a right one and a left one, being tasked to do totally different jobs. At Truist Park, the Braves organist is paid to troll every hitter on the opposition with one rendition of a melodious tune at a time. For McGuire, he’s paid to call games for the Blue Jays behind the dish and throw runners out a second trying to steal second base, not for extracurricular activities.

How was one organist to troll the guy hitting ninth in the Blue Jay’s batting order on Thursday? By doing some research on the internet, McGuire was given a snippet of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” because who doesn’t love Thriller and who doesn’t love a most glorious troll job of a player you’re probably never going to see again in your ballpark? Please don’t trade for him, Alex Anthopoulos.

Would the Braves organist hit up some Go-Go’s action next time around?

It has been firmly established that the Braves organist has got the beat. As long as the Braves get clearance from Sir Paul McCartney, why wouldn’t he play something off Abbey Road by The Beatles? You know, the song Aerosmith covered and the one where the late John Lennon mumbles essentially incoherent thoughts trying to describe a man or something? Yeah, that one. Gross.

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The organist hit McGuire by a pitch where the sun don’t shine from somewhere up above. When the game ends and the organist goes home, he will be proud of the job he has done. Learning how to play Eddie Van Halen’s signature guitar riff off The King of Pop’s masterpiece on an organ is not easy. Can he learn how to play .38 Special’s “Hold on Loosely” next?

From one organist to another, the Braves finished off McGuire in hilariously epic fashion.

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