New MLB rule allows players with positive COVID-19 tests to return

MLB players can now return with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.

The world is learning more and more about COVID-19 on a daily basis. Professional sports leagues like MLB have returned to play and are trying to stay up to date on all the latest news and technology.

The latest update regarding the league and the virus is a positive one. MLB is reportedly going to let players return to action after receiving a positive COVID-19 diagnosis after a specific passage of time.

MLB monitoring new research

This report from Jon Heyman reveals a breakthrough in how MLB and other leagues can handle positive COVID-19 tests. Allowing a player back after two weeks of testing positive reveals evidence on the contagiousness of the virus.

This is obviously a novel virus and leagues are trying to be as careful as possible to avoid any outbreaks. Learning more and allowing a player to return if they test positive at a time they won’t infect others means asymptomatic players can return faster.

The new rule from MLB is a good sign, but also one that must be taken with caution. We all know that a positive test doesn’t necessarily mean someone is actively sick or exhibiting symptoms. However, the hope is leagues won’t rush players back too soon with the end result being one or several players dealing with long-term effects due to impatience.

Heyman used the Miami Marlins as an example of how the new rule is being applied.

Having two negative tests has been the baseline to return. However, this new rule means players can return without that threshold due to the time elapsed since first testing positive.

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This new rule is a positive sign. The hope is it ends up working out and not backfiring during a time when new information seems to arise every single day.

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