Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals

Braves racked up another W for organist with amazing Nationals troll

The Atlanta Braves’ organist had F.P. Santangelo yelling at clouds again.

One game in, the Washington Nationals‘ broadcast team to mute the Atlanta Braves‘ organist.

The Braves and the Nationals have had a rivalry long before Washington even had its third big league baseball team, giving hope to Atlanta landing a third NHL franchise one day. The ex-Expos might be the defending World Series Champions, but they are having a tough go of it in this 60-game, coronavirus-shortened MLB season. Atlanta has had its issues too, but not quite like this.

Atlanta stole the first of the 10 games these two rivals will play this year. Down 6-3 in the bottom of the night, a pair of two-run homers off the bats of Adam Duvall and Dansby Swanson powered the Braves to an improbable 7-6 victory. Things are so snarky in the nation’s capital that the Washington broadcast booth had to mute the Braves’ organist. Wait…are you serious???

The Braves’ organist use his hands to get into your ears and into your head.

Yes, the Washington broadcast tandem of Bob Carpenter and former big leaguer F.P. Santangelo aren’t exactly fans of one one Matthew Kaminski, the Mozart of MLB organists. Santangelo said before he hated Freddie Freeman’s swing, but if you can walk out of bed and hit .300, who cares if it gives off a unorthodox peak 1980s Don Mattingly vibes? Kaminski finds the whole the funny.

This is the man who owned Toronto Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire for the rest of his time on earth by playing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” to let everybody watching back home in Braves Country what the backstop’s other pastime is. Kaminski is unrelenting and holds nothing back. He is the Trey Parker and Matt Stone on The Black Keys. He’ll be your man, F.P., so tighten up, Nats.

For the rest of the Nationals’ games at Truist Park, expect Kaminski to hit those keys harder than did Schroeder on the floor. With four more concerts coming at The Battery in not exactly a packed house, we are fully expecting repeated renditions of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down”, The Cure’s “Boys Don’t Cry” and N’Sync’s “Cry Me a River”. Maybe some “Superstar” from The Carpenters?

“Don’t you remember you told me you loved me, baby?” Give the chorus as much passion Chris Farley and David Spade did in that beatdown baby blue convertible. Whatever song best encapsulates CW’s Riverdale, play that for Forsythe Pendleton Santangelo. Take some scissors to the brim of your fedora, rock a S shirt and go full-blown “Kangaroo Song” Big Daddy on them.

As long as Kaminski has hands, he should play melodious tunes for all of our enjoyment.

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