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Rangers Twitter pulls all-time soft move after losing to Fernando Tatis, Jr. and Padres

The Rangers social media team has had enough after losing to Fernando Tatis, Jr. and the Padres

After touting the unwritten rules and throwing at Manny Machado following the actions of Tatis, Jr. on Monday night, the Texas Rangers did little to alter MLB’s consensus opinion that they were in the wrong for their actions. Tatis, Jr. is a rising star in baseball, and a key component of MLB’s “let the kids play” initiative that’s being held back by some of the league’s old heads who continue to point to a baseball bible that doesn’t physically exist.

Tatis, Jr. and the Padres won again on Tuesday night, and the Friars slugger even stole third with his team up by more than five runs, which surely made Chris Woodward clutch his pearls. After the game, the Rangers knew their haters would come for them, so they hid behind a keyboard.

The Rangers turned off replies in their postgame tweet, which is downright soft

Texas needs to take their medicine here, as tough as it may be to swallow. Not only are the majority of modern day baseball stars against their analysis of Monday night’s embarrassment, but they followed that up by taking another L on Tuesday. There’s nothing they can do to avoid the eventual social media onslaught coming their way. It’s like an impending hurricane. Just get out of the way.

Tatis, Jr. currently leads MLB in home runs and RBI’s, and with his swipe of third on Tuesday night, is now tied for the most steals in the majors. He’s the catalyst for a Padres team which, for now, looks like a fringe playoff contender in the National League.

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