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Joe Kelly’s wife Ashley fires back at Lance McCullers (Photo)

Joe Kelly’s wife, Ashley, was having none of it from Lance McCullers.

The feud between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros just keeps getting better and better.

The original incident was already layered enough; when Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly beamed Alex Bregman and was greeted with F-bombs, that was a great moment on its own. But when he proceeded to throw behind Carlos Correa, struck him out, talked an inordinate amount of s**t walking to the dugout, dropped the purest pout face we’ve seen on television since The Bachelor‘s Mykenna and incited a dugout-clearing incident, it transcended baseball.

The story has become more intricately woven with each passing day. Kelly was hit with an eight-game suspension. Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer triedand failed — to sport cleats rocking Kelly’s pout face with the words “Free Joe Kelly” written on them. And now, Kelly’s wife Ashley has fired back at Astros pitcher Lance McCullers, who reportedly gave Kelly a warning that Correa was not “someone you want to mess with.”

Joe Kelly’s wife Ashley held nothing back on Instagram

Screen-shotting a quote-tweet from Barstool Sports’ Jared Carrabis on her Instagram, Ashley Kelly agreed with Carrabis, writing, “Scrolling while babies are sleeping annnnnd … Ummmmm first off, Joseph doesn’t ‘want to mess with Carlos Correa.’

On the next part of her story, she wrote:

“YOU, McMuffin. Anyone who knows or has played with the ‘skinny mother f**ker’ would know that he would attempt to take on a 300lb offensive lineman knowing that he would lose. He’s not afraid of anyone … especially your pal (who honestly has a nice swing). PS: Cool video montage of yourself coming back from TJ! Wishing you the best of luck. Carry on & move forward.”

At the end, she included a peace sign emoji and tagged Lance McCullers, signing off with, “Mama ain’t having it today.”

Thank you, Ashley Kelly, for a master class in killing your enemies with kindness.

Well, kinda. That “McMuffin” line is an all-time burn.

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