Mets to postpone Thursday’s game due to COVID test

Mets to postpone Thursday’s game due to COVID test.

It appears as though COVID-19 isn’t done upsetting American baseball fans. News broke on Thursday revealing the unfortunate update to the Mets’ Thursday night game. According to reports, the game versus the Miami Marlins has been postponed due to at least two positive COVID-19 cases.

There was no indication about who it was that tested positive … a player, a coach or part of the Mets staff? We aren’t sure yet.

The Mets need to beat the Marlins to move to second place

The Mets are currently third in the National League East, just behind the Marlins and the Atlanta Braves. This game was crucial to those standing as the Marlins and Mets are neck and neck for second place, set to play each other. Each of these games would be significant to their ranking in the division.

At press time there was no indication when the game would be rescheduled for.

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