Cleveland Indians’ Carlos Santana wore banned Chief Wahoo gear (Photo)

Cleveland Indians’ Carlos Santana wore banned Chief Wahoo gear in a game.

Carlos Santana was in the spotlight today and it wasn’t because he hit a massive home run or made a highlight heel play. It’s because he was spotted wearing a banned logo during the Pittsburg Pirates game on Wednesday.

The now-banned Chief Wahoo logo can be seen peeking out from his jersey, whatever he’s wearing under it is clearly of the old uniform sets. The image sparked on social media when fans caught it on the broadcast.

He gave us a better view when he removed his jersey for his post-game interview.

Chief Wahoo has been a thing of the past for a while now

The team announced the logo was “no longer appropriate for on-field use” in 2018 but it looks like they haven’t trashed everything with its former logo just yet.

Let’s be honest. It’s not like he was making some statement. He probably didn’t even realize what he was wearing but man do we have some eagle-eyed fans!

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