Fernando Tatis Jr. just doesn’t hit disrespectful homers for the Padres (Video)

You know, Fernando Tatis Jr. also has a glove he likes to use occasionally.

Just give Fernando Tatis Jr. NL MVP already, please. Okay, thank you. Bye.

The Slam Diego Padres shortstop is the most exciting thing to happen to this franchise, arguably ever. They may have gone to the World Series twice in their history and lost, but Tatis is must-watch television for the Southern California Friars. He usually hits disrespectful home run, but on Sunday, he used some slick glovework to embarrass the Houston Astros. What a player he is!

Fernando Tatis Jr. is cooler and better than you at everything he does.

When Tatis goes tater tot on an opposing pitcher’s meat ball, we all celebrate him going yard. Even if he does it against your favorite AL West or NL West team, you kind of secretly love it. It doesn’t matter if he violates seemingly every unwritten rule in baseball, Tatis has become everybody’s favorite player in the the MLB today, especially if you’re team isn’t playing the Padres this year.

The Padres may not catch the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL West race, but they are about to make the NL postseason for the first time in their history without the help of Bruce Bochy as their manager or as their backup backstop in 1984. It’s one of baseball’s quirkiest quirks, like the Miami Marlins never winning a division title, but never losing a postseason series if they ever do qualify.

It’s a weird, weird year for all of us, but we deserve Tatis and the Slam Diego Padres playing in the postseason this year. They are having more fun than the Channel Four News team did back in the 1970s. If anybody can have a socially distanced pool party on par with what Ron Burgundy was capable of in his absolute prime, it would be Tatis, the King of Disrespectful Home Runs.

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When he’s doing things like making unbelievable grabs in short left-center, you know you’ve got some incredible Padres combination of Tony Gwynn, Trevor Hoffman, Ozzie Smith and Dave Winfield in the same person. He’s not even feeling 22 yet and when he has the most Taylor Swift-iest of birthdays, he will let you know about it as the reigning NL MVP. He’s just better than you.

Tatis has become the most exciting player in the National League over in sleepy San Diego.

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