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Kevin Brown roasts Red Sox broadcasters with payback years in the making

Kevin Brown just put the Boston Red Sox announcers in a body bag.

Baltimore Orioles play-by-play guy Kevin Brown epically trolls the Boston Red Sox announcers.

It wasn’t that long ago the Orioles were AL East cannon fodder and the Red Sox were the best team in baseball. Oh, how the tables have turned. In this 60-game, coronavirus-shortened 2020 MLB season, it is the Red Sox in the AL East cellar, while the Orioles are still in contention for one of eight postseason berths. Brown unveiled the most epic broadcasting troll of the week.

Everybody hop on the piling on the 2020 Boston Red Sox’s bandwagon.

It hasn’t even been two full years since the Red Sox won the 2018 World Series. And guess what? They unequivocally stink this season, as they plummet to an AL-worst 9-20 record. The only other team in the Junior Circuit with fewer than 10 wins are the forsaken Los Angeles Angels. There is no need to send a prayer to a team that is so hopelessly bad. Karma has not been kind to Boston.

More than half of the teams this year will reach the postseason. Boston is already in full-blow fire sale mode. They are 10 games back of the division-leading Tampa Bay Rays. Every other team in the AL East is .500 or better and no more than 4.5 games back of Tampa Bay. Boston sports fans may just want to turn their attention to the Boston Celtics in the NBA bubble going forward.

When the 2020 MLB season started, we anticipated the Orioles to be among the worst teams in baseball, along with the Detroit Tigers, the Kansas City Royals and the Miami Marlins. Though none of them are above .500 at this cross-section of the season, none of them should be thinking about selling off pieces as quickly as the Red Sox in their lost season of utter hopelessness.

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There is nothing worse than watching bad big league baseball. If your hometown team is terrible, there is no better way than having your evenings ruined six of seven nights a week. A football team can only break your heart once a week. A basketball or hockey team can do it a few teams a week. But a bad, bad baseball, they can make you go to sleep angry just about every single day.

Brown put the Red Sox announcers in their place, humbling them in the most epic way possible.

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