Red Sox should get the band back together after latest Rangers roster move

The Red Sox can bring back a few veterans to help the team after a slow start

The Boston Red Sox are off to a terrible start in 2020. The team enters play Tuesday with a record of 9-20 and are in the basement of the American League East.

The BoSox need some sort of spark and could look to two veteran players who are now without jobs. Both are former Red Sox and won World Series rings with the team. The first player is Brock Holt and the second is Blake Swihart, who is without a job as of Tuesday afternoon.

Red Sox can bring back both players at a low cost

The 9-20 start means the Red Sox can try just about anything at this point. Holt was an All-Star in Boston and left to join the Milwaukee Brewers in 2020. His new team gave up on him after he batted .100 in a total of 16 games.

Swihart appeared in a total of 203 games for the Red Sox from 2015-2019 and was released by the Texas Rangers after spending time with their training squad this season.

At this point Holt would have a better chance of actually getting playing time. However, both could be signed just to get on the 60-man roster with options for 2021. This at least gets them back in the organization and if things go even further south they can get some at-bats near the end of this season.

Neither of these signings would stand out as major. Swihart is a career -0.3 player and Holt’s mark is at 7.7. This is more about swooping up two familiar players who have had some success in the organization before. Once again, that is more true for Holt than for Swihart.

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Both players would come in on minimum deals and any change could help a Red Sox team that is on pace for a historical bad season, even with only 60 games being played.

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