Dominic Smith emotionally explains why Black Lives Matter

Dominic Smith got very emotional when discussing Black Lives Matter.

The Milwaukee Bucks might’ve inadvertently started a movement that could lead to the cancelation of the NBA season, as their decision to boycott Game 5 of their series against the Orlando Magic in the wake of Kenosha police shooting Jacob Blake seven times in the back prompted similar postponements across the MLB and MLS.

While the New York Mets did play against the Miami Marlins last night, it became clear that outfielder Dominic Smith was clearly thinking about what transpired in Orlando. Smith used his postgame press availability to talk about what the movement means to him and how boycotts like what happened last night can serve as a catalyst for change.

Dominic Smith kneeled during the national anthem

Smith, who has a .315 average and six home runs in what has become a breakout season on the diamond for him, broke down in tears during the interview, claiming that the most disheartening thing to see is how people still don’t care about the points that athletes like himself are trying to raise despite all the time and effort they put into the various social justice causes they support.

Smith asked his Mets teammates to give their time to these causes, adding in the fact that coming from a wealthy family like he did doesn’t exclude or disqualify someone from fighting for racial justice. For such a young player, Smith has shown maturity and forward-thinking far beyond his years when it comes to fighting for racial justice and police accountability.

Smith is not alone in both his views and his concerns about society. You can hear the pain in his voice at what he perceives to be a lack of progress. Only through large-scale demonstrations like postponements can their voice be heard.

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