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Joe Maddon offers perfect take for Giants pitcher throwing at Mike Trout’s head

Angels manager Joe Maddon shared his view on the pitches thrown at Mike Trout’s head.

The main controversy in MLB this week had to do with Fernando Tatis Jr. breaking all the “unwritten rules” of the game. Usually the retaliation for such a thing is a bean ball, sometimes thrown at one’s head.

The head-hunting showed up in a different game and was completely unprovoked. Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout was at the plate in the bottom of the ninth inning Tuesday against the San Francisco Giants and pitcher Shaun Anderson. The Giants were up 8-1 and yet Anderson threw a pitch right at Trout’s head. Luckily, the pitch missed making contact. But Anderson did it again and everyone was wondering what exactly was going on.

This did not appear to be a malicious act and Angels manager Joe Maddon had what appears to be a smart take on the situation.


Joe Maddon keeping the peace

It would be easy for Maddon to be furious and demand a suspension for Anderson. However, he believes he saw someone who just isn’t ready to be at the MLB level, even though Anderson has appeared in 11 games this season.

Anderson also logged 96 innings in 2019, splitting time as a starter and a reliever. However, his career 5.38 ERA shows a lack of success thus far.

There would be no logical reason for Anderson to throw at Trout. With Maddon’s logic in place, the pitcher may have just been nervous against the best player in baseball. That is understandable, but it is also unacceptable for him to be on an MLB mound if he is putting batters in danger. This is more of a problem seen in youth baseball where kids are just learning how to pitch.

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Maddon took the high road and it is now up to the Giants to make sure Anderson figures out some control being taking the mound again.

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