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Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod release statement after losing Mets bid

Both Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez dreamed of buying the New York Mets, but that won’t be the case after all. 

For the past several months, it seemed like the stars were getting ready to align for Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. The power-couple had been eyeing buying the New York Mets, which quite frankly would have felt weird for A-Rod, as he’s still loved by New York Yankees fans elsewhere.

Well, things have fallen through for Rodriguez and Lopez, as it looks like billionaire Steve Cohen is finalizing a deal of his own to buy the team. As you might understand, Rodriguez and Lopez couldn’t be more disappointed right now. They made that clear in a recent statement they delivered.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are extremely disappointed they won’t be able to buy the New York Mets

“Alex and I are so disappointed,” Lopez wrote on Twitter. “We worked so hard the past 6 months with the dream of becoming the first minority couple and the first woman owner to buy her father’s favorite Major League Baseball team with her own hard earned money. We still haven’t given up!!”

Per multiple reports, while Lopez and Rodriguez felt like they were close to reaching a breakthrough, what really hurt their chances and ended up closing the door was when they met with former Astros executive Jeff Luhnow.

As soon as the other MLB owner and commissioner Rob Manfred heard of this, per the New York Daily News, it was the final straw to shut the door.

For now, Rodriguez and Lopez will have to wait to see if another opportunity can present itself for them to be team owners. For Mets fans, it’s looking like Cohen is set to take over as the new owner over in Flushing.

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