MLB Trade Deadline: 4 players who stayed put, but will move in offseason

The MLB Trade Deadline left some major names out that could move this offseason.

Every season, the MLB Trade Deadline comes and goes with some major names moving, but a majority of those rumored to be in deals stay put. Sometimes the rumors were overblown, and other times the asking price was astronomical. Still, more times than not when a player is in trade rumors, it ends up with them getting dealt eventually. It’s hard to come back from the constant questions and speculation around where the player goes next, and that makes it hard to focus on their current home.

This season will be no different. There were some superstars rumored in trades across the league. It is obviously a weird season that complicates the process, but the offseason should move things back to normal. Teams are going to look to reassess their system as a whole. Do they have a legitimate contender for now and beyond, or should they sell their superstar for parts? Is it worth it to spend another season near the dumpster when these teams will need to recoup much-needed revenue? It’s too early to answer these questions, but they will impact who gets traded this offseason.

Every season, superstars move, and we can learn who’s the most likely to move based on who was surrounded by rumors at the trade deadline. Teams were already working on deals with these teams, so they know the price. Sometimes, these teams get close, and they only needed a little more time to make a deal happen. That will happen once the season ends.

This year, there are some very intriguing options for teams to trade for in the offseason. Major players like Mike Clevinger, Starling Marte and Robbie Ray moved on Monday. They could all change how the playoffs shape out. However, the point here is to look beyond that. These players aren’t long for their current franchise despite the results of trade deadline day.

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