World Series odds after MLB trade deadline: Dodgers, Yankees the favorites

Updated World Series odds are out after the passing of the MLB trade deadline and the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees are still the odds-on favorites.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees remain the top picks to win the World Series, even after an eventful trade deadline.

With a little over half the season played, the Dodgers are the best team in baseball, with a .722 win percentage. The latest lines give them 4/1 odds of winning the World Series, with the Yankees just behind them at 11/2 odds. The Tampa Bay Rays, who currently lead the AL East with a 25-11 record, come in behind their division rivals with 9/1 odds.

The Oakland A’s, who have been a hot team despite a recent slowdown due to positive coronavirus tests, come in right behind the Rays with 10/1 odds. The San Diego Padres, who have been one of the most fun teams to watch in baseball this year and made some big moves before the trade deadline, round out the top five with the same odds.

The Houston Astros and the Minnesota Twins, who were both in the top five at the start of the season, have fallen down the charts a bit but remain contenders with 16/1 odds. Last year’s World Series winners, the Washington Nationals, have mediocre 50/1 odds.

World Series odds: What chance does each team have?

Here is a breakdown of the full list of odds:

  1. Los Angeles Dodgers: 4/1
  2. New York Yankees: 11/2
  3. Tampa Bay Rays: 9/1
  4. Oakland Athletics: 10/1
  5. San Diego Padres: 10/1
  6. Chicago White Sox: 14/1
  7. Atlanta Braves: 16/1
  8. Chicago Cubs: 16/1
  9. Houston Astros: 16/1
  10. Minnesota Twins: 16/1
  11. Cleveland Indians: 18/1
  12. Cincinnati Reds: 40/1
  13. Colorado Rockies: 50/1
  14. Milwaukee Brewers: 50/1
  15. New York Mets: 50/1
  16. Philadelphia Phillies: 50/1
  17. St. Louis Cardinals: 50/1
  18. Washington Nationals: 50/1
  19. Toronto Blue Jays: 60/1
  20. Miami Marlins: 80/1
  21. San Francisco Giants: 100/1
  22. Arizona Diamondbacks: 125/1
  23. Baltimore Orioles: 250/1
  24. Texas Rangers: 250/1
  25. Detroit Tigers: 300/1
  26. Boston Red Sox: 500/1
  27. Kansas City Royals: 500/1
  28. Los Angeles Angels: 500/1
  29. Seattle Mariners: 500/1
  30. Pittsburgh Pirates: 1000/1

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