Nick Ahmed expresses frustration over Diamondbacks GM giving up on season

The Diamondbacks trade deadline strategy made it clear they’re giving up on the season

You have to give Mike Hazen credit for being honest with the Diamondbacks fanbase, but the current crop of players isn’t thrilled with his pessimistic mindset about the 2020 campaign. Arizona had lost 10 of 11 games heading into Monday’s deadline, putting management in a precarious spot despite some surprising moves this offseason to build the team for success, such as trading for Starling Marte. Well, now Marte is a Miami Marlin, and other moves such a trading away the likes of Archie Bradley and Robbie Ray were Hazen waving a metaphorical white flag.

Per Zach Buchanan of the Athletic, Diamondbacks shortstop Nick Ahmed is ‘pissed off’ about Hazen’s blatant disregard for their abilities.

Is Hazen right to not get fans’ hopes up despite the new playoff format?

In a letter to fans, Hazen wrote the following: “We started this season with every expectation of making the playoffs so today is certainly disappointing. But we are well positioned to improve even further during the offseason and put a team on the field in 2021 that competes hard every day and makes you proud.”

Hazen’s letter began by saying that selling at the deadline wasn’t what the team expected when the 2020 season began. Given their moves meant to win now, he’s telling the truth. His words contain a little too much of that honestly for Ahemd’s liking, and it’s easy to see where both men are coming from. For Hazen, there is a middle ground to be met in not putting down the current team, as they still have games left to play, and letting fans know that they understand their frustration.

Obviously, Hazen leaned a little too heavily into that frustration.

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