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Diamondbacks trade Robbie Ray to Blue Jays

Robbie Ray’s value isn’t what it once was, but the Blue Jays are taking a chance on him anyway

Ray could’ve fetched a solid return at the trade deadline a year ago for the Diamondbacks, but his struggles in 2020 make such expectations a little unrealistic. However, after losing 10 of 11 games, Arizona is a clear seller, with Ray, Starling Marte and Archie Bradley as three prime trade pieces for the picking.

Ray is headed to a Toronto Blue Jays team that finds themselves a year ahead of schedule thanks to MLB’s expanded playoff format in this bizarre shortened season. Halfway through the campaign, the Jays are committed to buying and improving the team at hand, which is why they’re betting they can turn Ray into the hot trade commodity he once was.

Can the Blue Jays turn around Ray’s rough 2020?

Over seven starts, Ray has a 7.84 ERA in 31 innings, and his control has been all over the place. Should Toronto be able to fix that primary issue, bringing down the walks and opposing base-runners in the process, they may have a potential playoff starter on their hands. If not, they’ll have traded away Travis Bergen for nothing.

Bergen is a 26-year-old lefty reliever with little experience in the majors. He’s thrown just 21 innings in his big league career, and his ERA over five leaves much to be desired. Such a return is a far cry from what the D’Backs were demanding just a year ago, but that speaks more to how far Ray has fallen than Arizona’s deadline plans.

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