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Mike Trout is way too nice to trash talk the Astros (Video)

Mike Trout is officially the world’s nicest trash talker, and we love that!

Nice guys finish last and Mike Trout is a really nice guy!

As the Los Angeles Angels duke it out for last place in the AL West with the nose-diving Texas Rangers, Trout was mic’d up on Friday night vs. everyone’s least favorite team in the Houston Astros. When the Astros catcher mockingly said, “Here Come Punchie”, Trout laughed it off with the extremely bro, “I can’t even look at you, bro”. Put that quote on his Cooperstown bust stat.

Mike Trout is so charming, and we’d expect nothing less from this Angel.

Trout didn’t get punched out in that at-bat, as we earned a free pass upon his fourth ball. He tells the first baseman about “Here Come Punchie” and couldn’t stop chuckling about it. Trout then as a very responsible man said it was important to have a jacket for Saturday night in Anaheim because it might be a little chilly. For a lack of personality, Trout sure makes up for it by being nice.

Even though he’s a five-tool player, he is not one on the baseball diamond. His manners are great and he should be every little boy and girl’s role model for how to conduct yourself on the baseball or softball diamond. When you are the cherubic face of the angels, you have to conduct yourself as an angel every time you put on an Angels uniform. Win or lose, you must be a gentleman.

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Even with an expanded postseason field, it will take a Joseph Gordon-Levitt flapping his arms like a bird miracle for the Angels to win the pennant. As J.P. said to Roger and George Knox, “it could happen.” As Al said from time to time, “We’re always watching.” Shortly after Matthew McConaughey said “Alright, alright, alright,” the Angels did win the pennant in that kid’s movie.

Trout is a good Angel because he knows that Al and the big guy upstairs are always watching.

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