Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez making last-minute effort to save Mets bid

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are sticking their necks out for control of the Mets

A-Rod and J-Lo have billions of reasons working against them in their attempt to buy the New York Mets, as Steve Cohen has the money and history with the Wilpons to finesse a sale. Rodriguez’s recent history in baseball — including being a primary force in the steroid era — have tainted his reputation around the league.

Lopez’s connection with New York is her prime motivation to get a deal done, and she’s willing to fight until Cohen’s signature hits paper. “It ain’t over until it is over,” Lopez told the New York Post. “We are New Yorkers and we are not going to give up. We feel we have the best bid for the sport, the team and the city.”

It’s an inspirational message, but Lopez is destined to fall short unless she can convince the Wilpons to ax their agreement with Cohen.

Lopez and Rodriguez are willing to put their money where their mouth is

The couple is willing to match the $2.35 billion bid from Cohen or even exceed it. Part of their promise is that Lopez would maintain controlling interest, which would be a historic moment in baseball as the singer would become the first Latin female to own an MLB team. It also takes Rodriguez out of the equation, which is an important factor to MLB’s other owners. A-Rod has also guaranteed a World Series within a decade of the sale, or else they’ll donate $100 million to New York charities.

All of this sounds ideal, but if Cohen gets approved it’s all for naught. His approval could be held up by past insider trading violations and a lawsuit to settle a sexual discrimination lawsuit within the company. Cohen will be approved if 23 of 30 owners vote yes.

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