Astros get encouraging news on potential Justin Verlander return

Justin Verlander could return soon for the Houston Astros.

The Houston Astros, despite a thin starting rotation apart from Zack Greinke and a lineup that has been all over the place, are once again near the top of the American League in 2020. The Astros are still looking for that one X-factor that can help them separate from the rest of the contenders in the junior circuit, and Justin Verlander might be able to fill that role if he returns from his injury.

Dusty Baker said Verlander, who was originally thought to have been lost for the season as a result of his injury, threw a bullpen yesterday and could be back with the Astros by the end of the month if everything goes as planned.

Justin Verlander could team with Zack Greinke to jump-start the Astros

Verlander hasn’t seen the field much in 2020, as he made all of one start, albeit one in which he allowed just two runs in six innings, during the entire season. He played in an instrumental role in getting the Astros to the World Series twice in the last three years, posting a 2.45 ERA in 74 regular season starts with the Astros.

Verlander coming to a team that has climbed up the AL West standings thanks to Greinke’s lights-out pitching and some of the heavy hitters starting to return to their buzzer-aided forms of yesteryear might be what puts the Astros over the top, as they could easily be called the best team in the American League right now, and the title odds are in their favor.

The Astros are still in the MLB’s firing line due to their shady doings over the last few years, but that doesn’t change the fact that Baker has them playing excellent baseball at the moment. Adding a future Hall of Famer back to that starting rotation could make Houston American League champs once again.

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