Brewers’ Brent Suter acts out what 2020 would look like if it were a delivery

Brent Suter of the Milwaukee Brewers took a big tumble while delivering a pitch against the Chicago Cubs on Saturday, another reminder that it’s still 2020.

Earlier this year, we saw what 2020 would look like if it were a pitch to home plate, from Richard Rodriguez of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Rodriguez threw a ball way out of the range of home plate, prompting us to wonder whether Dr. Fauci was his pitching coach.

Well, we got another reminder that it is still 2020 again on Saturday night from Brent Suter of the Milwaukee Brewers. Suter was delivering a pitch to home plate during their game against the Chicago Cubs when this happened:

Maybe it was bound to happen

With Brett Anderson scratched due to injury, Suter ended up getting the start for the Brewers out of the bullpen, and he was mowing down Cubs hitters in his three innings of work. Suter is a super-fast worker with lots of energy, so perhaps he got a little too comfortable on the mound and started working just a little too quickly.

Also, as the caption reads, for the first 17 innings of this series, this is what Cubs hitters looked like against Brewers pitching. Several key Cubs players have struggled this year, and they looked like no match for Brandon Woodruff and the Brewers’ bullpen in Game 1 on Friday and for most of Game 2 on Saturday.

However, the Cubs did break through for four runs against Josh Hader in the ninth inning on Saturday, the big blow being a three-run homer from Jason Heyward as the Cubs hung on to take the game, 4-2.

Perhaps even more fitting, Suter’s tumble may have also been bound to happen because, well, it’s 2020. This year has been rough, not only for professional sports, but for society in general, for several different reasons. If there’s a home plate delivery that sums up what 2020 has been like for so many people, perhaps Suter’s tumble is it.

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