MLB hoping to host fans in later rounds of playoffs

Will MLB fans be allowed in the stands for the League Championship Series’ and the World Series this fall?

Throughout the summer, Major League Baseball action just hasn’t felt quite the same without fans in the stands screaming their heads off and supporting their favorite teams on a daily basis. But, could things be changing when the postseason arrives this fall?

According to MLB insider Jon Heyman, the league is considering welcoming back fans to stadiums for both the AL Championship Series and the NL Championship Series. In addition, if all goes well, we could see the supporters inside the seats for the Fall Classic. You don’t say?

MLB is reportedly considering welcoming back fans at around 25% capacity in the near future

There’s still plenty of moving parts here, but the fact that MLB is reportedly considering this happening tells you that they’re serious about bringing some fans back for the later rounds of the playoffs. Per Heyman, the league is considering a number right around 25% in terms of stadium capacity.

In the NFL, we’ve seen many teams play in empty stadiums, though the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans opened the season at Arrowhead Stadium in front of a limited capacity. For MLB, not a single fan has been in attendance thus far in the shortened 60-game season.

Instead, the stands are filled out with fan cutouts and even stuffed animals, which has been pretty hilarious to see. At the same time, however, countless fans out there are counting down the days until they can get back to their old seats. From the looks of things, that could be coming next month. The ALCS is set to get started on Sunday, Oct. 11, while Game 1 of the NLCS is set for Monday, Oct. 12.

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