Words don’t do Nolan Arenado’s elite defensive play justice (Video)

Nolan Arenado made a ridiculous defensive play look way too easy on Monday night

Arenado is arguably the only modern-day comparison to Brooks Robinson at third base, but his defensive display alone couldn’t pull the Rockies out of a funk on Monday night. On a play that would’ve sent most third basemen sprawling towards the foul line, Arenado casually took two steps to his right after reading the hard-hit grounder off the bat, played the hop perfectly, and fired a strike over to first base. Play over, runner out by three steps.

“I want to be a complete baseball player,” Arenado said of his web gem. “I’ve always said that.”

He is that and more, which is why it’s fair to wonder if he’s wasting away his talent on a Rockies team that, despite acquiring Kevin Pillar at the trade deadline from the Boston Red Sox, is a fringe playoff team in a season which expanded the format to their benefit.

Can the Rockies inspire enough confidence in Arenado to stay in Colorado long-term?

Rumors swirled that Arenado wanted off the Rockies as recently as this Winter. He spoke to those rumors, confirming some unrest with a front office that signed him to a $260 million deal in 2019.

At 17-18, the Rockies are four games behind the second-place Padres after losing three out of four games to San Diego in their most recent series. With one month left in the regular season, missing the playoffs when half the teams in baseball make that leap won’t look good for Jeff Bridich and Co.

Arenado is the best defensive player at his position by a mile. His power display on a nightly basis goes beyond just high altitude, and the Rockies can’t afford to lose a home-grown star on their own accord.

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