Atlanta Braves, Washington Nationals

Joe West calls security to kick Mike Rizzo out of Truist Park (Video)

Joe West thinks he can throw anybody out of a baseball game at any time.

No, Joe West isn’t yelling at clouds again, he’s trying to eject maskless general managers.

Not all heroes wear capes, but some wear masks. Well, guess who wasn’t wearing a mask in the nosebleeds up in Truist Park? The general manager of the visiting team Mike Rizzo. As he watched his Washington Nationals play poorly from up in the nosebleeds to the Atlanta Braves, he clearly took his mask off to not have a nose bleed in his mask. West was having none of that whatsoever.

Joe West wanted Mike Rizzo to know he wasn’t socially distancing properly.

Rizzo had to be further away from West than Ronald Acuña Jr. could throw a baseball, but you know, the rules are the rules. West called up Truist Park security to get him out of the stadium and into The Battery. Rizzo may have had a credential hanging around his neck, but didn’t have a mask on so you’re outta here!

In the Fox Sports South telecast with Chip Caray and Jeff Francoeur in the booth, you can hear the utter amazement of what’s going on in the seventh inning. We’re all thinking about a Braves victory, but instead we’re getting extreme pettiness from the most veteran umpire in baseball. Even poor Hunter Wendelstedt had to get in on this non-baseball part of baseball.

So instead of watching the game, West was looking at more clouds to yell at while he was starring into the sun on an early September Sunday down in Braves Country. ACC and SEC football will be back in full force here soon, but now is the time to try to eject general managers from the ivory towers of Truist Park. Even way up there, the rules still apply to you. I can’t believe this happened.

Next time West is yelling at clouds, be aware the sky isn’t falling because someone is up there.

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