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Cal Ripken Jr. reveals he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and has fully recovered

Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. has come out and announced he’s fully recovered from prostate cancer. 

There’s no one who will ever be able to match what legendary Baltimore Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken Jr. was able to do for the game. The Hall of Famer changed Major League Baseball as we know it, breaking countless records during his historic playing career.

On Thursday, though, Ripken is trying to make a difference in a totally different manner. The baseball great announced that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year, but thankfully, he’s already fully recovered from it.

While that first bit of news undoubtedly provided quite a scare to his millions of fans across the globe, that concern turned to relief in knowing that he’s doing just fine. So, why did he decide to wait so long to come out and reveal his diagnosis?

Cal Ripken Jr. is hoping his latest announcement will inspire more people to get out and get regular checkups

In true Ripken fashion, he’s using his cancer recovery as a way to inspire others. Ripken said he wants to use his difficult battle as a learning experience, with the hopes more and more people will get out for regular checkups.

And hey, if there’s any former ballplayer you’d want to listen to, Ripken is definitely that guy. During his incredible 21-year-career, he hit 431 homers, posted a .276 average and added 1,695 RBI.

Add that with his incredible work in the field with his magical glove, and it’s easy to understand why he played in 19 All-Star Games. He also started 2,632 consecutive games, which remains mind-blowing to even think about.

Ripken means so much to the Baltimore community, but really Major League Baseball as a whole. It’s incredible news to see he has fully recovered from his prostate cancer. The man is a true warrior. Cancer never had a chance.

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