Someone destroyed Miller Park with a tractor (Video)

One man decided to walk right into Miller Park and cause some damage.

MLB teams have gone the entire season without fans in attendance. But a strange thing happened at Miller Park in Milwaukee this year.

One random individual just walked right into the park and was stopped by no one. The whole thing was caught on tape and unfortunately, the man did cause some damage to the field.

The Miller Park vandal

This is such a bizarre situation. The first problem is how easy it was to walk right into the ballpark. Do they not lock the doors in Milwaukee? Also, there should be at least one security guard on duty at such an expensive venue. Or at least one would assume that would be the case.

The tweet with the video mentions the man carving his name into the field. It is hard to see any actual letters from the video provided. What we can see is a groundskeeper’s nightmare unfolding on camera.

It turns out this incident took place in June and the individual in the video was identified and accused of causing $40,000 in damage.

This incident happened before the start of the 2020 season. But once again, this is a massive public venue. There has to at least be someone there to look after the place and to lock the doors.

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Having an entire MLB ballpark to one’s self sounds like a dream. Some fans may take time to sit in the stands or check out the dugout. This individual took the opposite route and hopped on the tractor that was left out. To each their own.

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